Hydraulic Automatic Pomegranate Press – Model 0603

Hydraulic Automatic Pomegranate Press – Model 0603

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Hydraulic pomegranate squeezing press is the smallest designed product that can be used in hotels, restaurants, commercial centers, entertainment and shopping centers, student dormitories, universities, juice buffets. Its main advantage is the opportunity to squeeze a wide variety of fruits with just one machine.

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Tightening in 8 Seconds

With the fast press system in 8 seconds, you can squeeze many citrus fruits together as well as easy and serial squeezing.

Mixed Tightening

You can squeeze many fruits together according to the fruit sizes with the large filter tray, and you can get more juice in a short time.

Less Waste With Double Strainer

It has less fruit pulp with its double strainer feature, you can get the pulp juice by removing the lower strainer upon request. Since the product has a hydraulic system, it squeezes the fruit without waste and does not mix the pulp into the water thanks to the double strainer. With the options designed for you, you can adjust your juice on demand.

Spare Top Strainer

You can easily place the fruits in the spare filter and wait for it to be squeezed and provide faster squeezing without waiting for the other filter to be cleaned easily provided by the spare filter provided with the product.